Exhibition ‘Between | You | And | Me’ @ NEMO FESTIVAL 2013

Audiovisual performances, concerts, exhibitions, let's meet in ten places in Paris & Île de France from November 16th to december 15th.

This year Nemo puts forward the feminine creation, scheduling artworks & performances by Laurel Halo, Holly Herndon, Félicie d’Estienne d’Orves, Poppy Ackroyd…

At 104,the big thematic exhibition Trouble Makers: Sensation versus Digital has the ambition to place digital art as a category of contemporary art. With Julien Clauss, Kurt Hentschläger, Damien Marchal, HeeWon Lee, Anke Eckardt, Michel et André Décosterd - Cod.Act, Étienne Rey, Annica Cuppetelli et Cristobal Mendoza.