Audiovisual Installation (2015)

Library of the Unwanted 1

Library of the Unwanted is the first project from newly formed English/German collaboration UPAETH. Consisting of sound artists, Toby Heys and Anke Eckardt and light artist Ulf Pedersen, UPAETH will create a sound and light installation for the music section of Manchester’s iconic central library.

A library is traditionally a place where sound and light are highly regulated due to the prospect of attention and material degradation. As the title suggests, the library being built by UPAETH consists of collections of frequencies and light that are deemed unnecessary, excessive, and problematic like background noise and ear worms in the auditory field. In their installation UPAETH also implements ultra low frequencies produced by an infra sub loudspeaker, that reaches down to 17 Hz and was specifically developed for the installation. By using these extreme low frequencies which are physically more haptic than audible the architecture of the library is put in resonance. Various elements like windows, wood panelling and chromed brass lamps start to vibrate and produce sounds by themselfs. In this way the architecture of the library is played as an instrument. Ultimately Library of the Unwanted aims to document that phenomena which we wished did not exist or that which is pushed beyond our perception.

This project is supported using public funding by Arts Council England and by TRACTION.
Dates: 10 December - 13 December 2015
Place: Manchester Central Libray, UK