Mirror Neurons

Augmented Reality Installation including Multichannel Spatial Audio

The installation is based on an imaginary north-south axis. Drawn across Europe, a far-reaching political shift to the right began at the ends of this axis in 2022; in Sweden with the abdication of Magdalena Andersson, in Italy with the election of Giorgia Meloni.

The virtual work processes these developments in a structure that shows similarities with a neural network. When approaching the neuron nodes, which are covered with a spiky sealed, cactus-like surface, they each begin to sound. The Spatial Audio application is based on a library of sounds produced and edited by the artist. She extends the standard audio functions of Unity and uses colliders of a game object for the calculation of the multi channel sonic spatialisation.

Coupled to their own changing position in the room, visitors create sonic relations between historical speeches of the named femal politicians, quirky synthetic sounds, latex skins banging against walls, etc.

Mirror Neurons 2

The installation is realised in cooperation with the Forschungsgruppe INKA of the HTW Berlin - Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft. Supporting developers: Selina Wernike and Dagmar Schürrer