Audiovisual Installation (2012)
Wooden structure, cement, pigments
4 infrasonic transducers
2 projectors

"You sign on for a ride you probably think you got at least some notion of where the ride´s goin. But you might not. " (from Cormac Mc Carthy: "No Country for Old Men") The past is resonating, the foundation of the present unstable, the stairway to the future uncertain. Parts of the existing granite staircase of the Amerika Haus are transformed. The intertwining of swinging springs, vibrating infrasound transducers and a segmented projection of a visual structure onto itself enables the perception of an unstable ground. The physical experience develops only when visitors stand on the installation.

Anke Eckardt - concept, vibration
Anke Eckardt & Henry Koch - sound / optics
Lukas Wegwerth - material, design

Foto: Anke Eckardt