The Appearance of a Free Will

Including a Generative Kinetic Sculpture, 4 Channel Sound, Light, Space Design, Booklet

Please watch it with headphones.

The Appearance (of a Free Will) from Anke Eckardt on Vimeo.

THE APPEARENCE (OF A FREE WILL) is part of a series of installation works featuring a small-size kinetic scultpure, text and sound-objects. A mechanism translates vibrational sonic energy into the motion of sand, so- called Chladnian sound figures, which were originally discovered by Ernst Chladni in 1787. In contrast to Chladnis's visualizations for single frequencies, the sculpture produces floating states based on audible sonic interferences, caused by continuous superimposition of frequencies. The work is completed by a booklet that juxtaposes quotes from neuro-philosophy with lyrics and texts from pop musicians. ANKE ECKARDT

Foto: Holger Kist